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Again? Monsanto's GE Crops Can't Be Contained!

When an Oregon farmer first discovered genetically engineered (GE) wheat in his field, he couldn’t believe what he had found.  He never planted it.  The GE wheat, known as Roundup Ready, was developed by Monsanto to withstand direct application of Roundup (glyphosate) herbicide and was never approved for sale.  In fact, Monsanto’s field testing of GE wheat had ended years before. 

How could this unapproved crop end up in his field?  As Center for Food Safety (CFS) has warned for over a decade, GE crops simply can’t be controlled once they’re released into the environment. This is just the latest instance of contamination by GE crops.  Past contamination episodes involving GE corn and GE rice triggered over $1 billion in losses and economic hardship to farmers and consumers.  And these are just two prominent examples of a constantly reoccurring problem.

Will you donate today to help us stop GE crops and give farmers a voice in the courtroom and on Capitol Hill?