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Center for Food Safety

Not Only Is It "Impossible," It's Sold Illegally At Grocery Stores!

The Impossible Burger is made with a novel GE substance which makes the burgers to appear to "bleed." Until FDA responds to our objections, raw Impossible Burgers cannot be sold in grocery stores.
Center for Food Safety

Victory for public health!

Pursuant to a CFS lawsuit and now-final settlement, the FDA has agreed to complete important and long-overdue food safety rules implementing the Food Safety Modernization Act.
Center for Food Safety

Tell Kraft that toxic chemicals have no place in its products

New laboratory tests show the presence of a group of toxic chemicals called phthalates linked to harm in pregnant women and children in samples of eight of the nine cheese products tested from Kraft.
Center for Food Safety

Stop Watering Our Food with Oil Wastewater!

The use of oil wastewater for food irrigation is an urgent public health issue because of the potentially hazardous chemicals associated with all oil extraction processes. Tell Wonderful Company and Bee Sweet Citrus to stop watering our food with toxic oil wastewater!
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