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Protecting Our Food, Farms & Environment
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Center for Food Safety

Support CFS This Holiday Season!

Give the gift of safe, healthy food and receive a selection of our special year-end gifts. While supplies last!
Center for Food Safety

Not Only Is It "Impossible," It's Sold Illegally At Grocery Stores!

The Impossible Burger is made with a novel GE substance which makes the burgers to appear to "bleed." Until FDA responds to our objections, raw Impossible Burgers cannot be sold in grocery stores.
Center for Food Safety


Tillamook markets its products as sustainable and humane, but sources milk from polluting factory farms. Tell Tillamook: Live up to your advertising. Say goodbye to mega-dairies!
Center for Food Safety

Get the Hemp CBD Scorecard!

Hemp CBD products are everywhere. But are they safe? Our scorecard evaluates many of the top hemp CBD producers on their production, processing, and testing protocols, and transparency to consumers.
Center for Food Safety

Introducing CFS's Global Seed Network!

Saving, growing, and sharing seeds is critical to ensuring food security. That's why we created the Global Seed Network to connect and unite seed savers to protect seed sovereignty and biodiversity.

Join the Food Movement

Help us to grow the movement and reclaim our food.

Join the Food Movement

Help us to grow the movement and reclaim our food.

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Hemp CBD Products

Tell CBD Companies to Make Their Products Sustainably!

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Seed Saving Resources

Protect Native Seeds!

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Animal Factories and Environmental Pollution

Tell Sanderson farms to stop calling its factory-farmed chicken "100% Natural"!

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Animal Factories

Take the Opt Out of Industrial Meat Pledge!

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