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Center for Food Safety is eligible to receive cy pres funds from legal matters involving food safety and food labeling, environmental protection, public health, industrial agriculture, pesticides, genetic engineering, organic food, and other issues. Cy pres awards help fund Center for Food Safety's science, advocacy, education, and public interest work to promote truth in labeling, safety in food, and sustainability in agriculture.

Center for Food Safety is dedicated to reducing the health and environmental impacts of industrial agriculture. Our work directly benefits both consumers and farmers.

Center for Food Safety views cy pres awards as a vital way to serve class members' interests when complete dispersal of a settlement is impractical.

What are Cy Pres Awards?

Cy pres awards are residual funds in class action settlements or judgments that, for any number of reasons, end up unclaimed or cannot be distributed to the class members or intended beneficiaries of the funds. When money remains following the distribution of funds to class members, courts may distribute the remaining funds to a nonprofit organization whose mission is "as near as" possible to the class members' interest. The organization then uses the cy pres award to provide a collective, continuous service to the public interest and further class members' interests.

Cy Pres Distributions to Center for Food Safety

Center for Food Safety's wide-ranging program areas, covering nearly all sectors of the food system, renders our organization an excellent recipient of cy pres awards to further a variety of consumer and environmental interests. Center for Food Safety's projects and litigation address diverse issues, including environmental protection, genetically engineered crops, organic foods, pollinators and pesticide use, animal agriculture, and aquaculture. Thus, a cy pres award to the Center for Food Safety may be appropriate in a wide variety of class actions. Additionally, Center for Food Safety's commitment to the proper use of cy pres awards ensures furtherance of the class members' interests and the public interest.

To recommend Center for Food Safety for a cy pres award, please contact George Kimbrell, CFS Legal Director, at (971) 271-7372, or email us at

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