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Regenerating Paradise: Kapuna Farms

As we look forward to a more climate friendly, food secure HawaiÊ"i, we must also look back. Native Hawaiians managed the resources of these islands in ways that benefited both the ecosystem and the people who relied on that ecosystem for survival.

In this episode of Hawaii Center for Foof Safety's four-part series, "Regenerating Paradise", learn the wisdom mana Wahine Miki'ala Pua'a-Freitas has gleaned from running Kapuna Farms on Maui, established in 2014 by Freitas and Moana Wietecha. They have since restored 5 lo'i kalo at Kapuna and 11 lo'i kalo in Waihe'e Valley. Kapuna Farms' mission is to bring together the old and the new by replicating traditional Hawaiian permaculture practices in hopes of preserving the health of the soil, community, and waters of Waihe'e.