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Protecting Our Food, Farms & Environment
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Our Victories in California

Center for Food Safety

Some of our victories in California include:

1. Stopping GMOs and Pesticides

— Secured GMO County bans and overturned bill that would have preempted bans (protecting county rights) 

— Initiated GMO labeling ballot initiative and education campaign

— Advocated for chlorpyrifos ban

— Secured the listing of glyphosate on the State's Prop 65 list of carcinogenic chemicals 

2. Promoting Regenerative Agriculture and Reducing Antibiotics in Our Food Supply

— Secured first-even ban on routine use of antibiotics in livestock

— Educated the public and policymakers about "Soil Solutions" to climate change

— Reduced state funding for polluting dairy methane digesters and increased funds for alternative dairy production

— Advocated to "Opt Out of Industrial Meat

3. Protecting Pollinators

— Filed legal petition to list bumble bees as endangered species under CA Endangered Species Act

— Launched the Wild Bee ID app and website!

4. Protecting and Promoting Seed Sharing

Launched the Global Seed Network

Secured law to legalize small scale seed sharing

5. Protecting Our Water Resources

— Stopped the Twin Tunnels project

Stopped the Cadiz Water Project, a for-profit privatization effort to a build a 43-mile-long pipeline through California's Mojave Trails National Monument


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