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About Our Work In California

Center for Food Safety

Welcome to CFS's California Office!

Since opening our California office in 2000, we've achieved many landmark legal and legislative victories. By establishing legislative and legal precedents in California, we are setting the standard for healthy and sustainable food systems nationwide.

Through our work we drafted and helped pass numerous county bans on the planting of GMO crops and overturned state bills that would have preempted those bans. We were critical in the 2014 GMO labeling ballot initiative, helped stop the commercialization of GMO rice in the State, and secured a law to protect farmers from patent infringement if their crops are contaminated by GMOs. Through our pesticide work we advocated for the ban on chlorpyrifos and were part of the successful challenge against Monsanto when it attempted to block the listing of glyphosate under Prop 65. Through our pollinator protection work, we filed a legal petition to list bumble bees as endangered species under the California Endangered Species Act and created the  "Wild Bee ID" app and website.

Our California office also advocates for healthy, humane, and sustainable livestock production and consumption and creating agricultural systems that help reduce climate change. We passed a law to eliminate routine use of antibiotics in livestock in the State, reduced funding for "false solution" polluting methane digesters for CAFO dairies in the State, created an "Opt Out of Industrial Meat" website, and advocated for funding for the California Healthy Soils and other programs aimed at promoting regenerative agriculture and reducing climate change.

Through our water litigation, we stopped the Twin Tunnels project and stopped the Cadiz Water Project (a for-profit privatization effort to a build a 43-mile-long pipeline through California's Mojave Trails National Monument).

CFS's California office will continue this critical work to reduce the impacts of industrial agriculture and establish laws and regulations that protect the public health and impacted communities, the environment including wildlife and endangered species, and our food supply. Please join us!

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