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Proposed Oregon Mega-Chicken Operations Defeated

September 22nd, 2023
Center for Food Safety

SALEM, OR — Today, in a victory for local communities and the environment, the Statesmen Journal reports that both proposed mega-chicken Foster Farms operations are no longer seeking permits to open. Center for Food Safety, a founder of the Stand Up To Factory Farms coalition, is thrilled to see that recent reforms to Oregon's permitting of animal factories is having immediate impact. 

SB 85, signed into law this July, strengthened Oregon's water quality and quantity protections for concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). While the bill fell far short of the goals SUFF advocated for and further action is needed to achieve a factory farm moratorium, it did temporarily close a loophole in Oregon's water law that allowed even the biggest factory farms to use unlimited water for their livestock. With the stockwater loophole closed, it appears that the two proposed broiler chicken operations will not go forward. Community members, organized into the Farmers Against Foster Farms, fought against this influx of Foster Farms, and Center for Food Safety continues to represent them in an ongoing challenge to the one permit already issued prior to SB 85's passage, JS Ranch.

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