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Opt Out of Industrial Meat – Take the Pledge!

This July 4th, pledge your independence from industrial meat.
Center for Food Safety

We all know that industrial meat production has huge environmental and health impacts. The good news is it's becoming easier and easier to opt out of the industrial meat system and choose wholesome animal and plant proteins that are raised organically, equitably, and humanely.

This July 4th, pledge your independence from industrial meat. Add your name >>

Industrial meat and poultry production have significant detrimental impacts on personal health, natural resources, wildlife, animals, farmers and food workers, climate, community health and safety, and the economy. These impacts, often externalized by the companies producing the animals, make the systems unsustainable and undermine our ability to produce healthy food that is safe for consumers, food workers, animals and the environment.

In order to address the environmental, social, human health, and economic consequences of intensive animal production, we must end our overconsumption of conventionally raised meat and poultry, and shift our diet to include more balanced proteins. We can do this by reducing the amount of meat in our diet, choosing organic, humane, and pasture-raised meats, and eating more plant-based proteins like beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas, nuts, and seeds.

Take the pledge to opt out of industrial meat today!

Sign the pledge and get an e-cookbook with 10 delicious meatless burger recipes for your Fourth of July BBQ >>