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Five Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

April 22, 2019
Center for Food Safety

On Earth Day, we appreciate our planet, its ecosystem, and the food it produces.

Here are 5 ways you can celebrate the Earth today!

1. Save the bees by downloading our new Wild Bee ID app or visiting the website. Several species of wild bees have gone extinct in the last few years in part due to the decreasing diversity of our agricultural landscape and increased use of pesticides. We built the app with the hope that gardeners across the country will use it to actively participate in their conservation by creating new habitat for these vital pollinators. Use Wild Bee ID to identify the bees that are native in your own backyard, find out which plants they're best suited to pollinate, and plan your garden accordingly.

2. Opt out of industrial meat to combat climate change, reduce your ecological footprint, and fight back against animal cruelty. More than 90% of the meat eaten in the U.S. is industrial meat produced on factory farms with inhumane conditions and significant environmental consequences. Use to give your diet an eco-friendly makeover. Check out the Meet the Farmers section to find sources of meat that are raising animals humanely in systems that protect the environment and manage resources effectively. Pledge to opt out of industrial meat by replacing half the industrial meat you're eating with meat from more sustainable sources and the other half with plant-based proteins like beans, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, seeds, and quinoa.

3. Join CFS' Global Seed Network! Keep independent farming and gardening alive by signing up to exchange seeds. Now that Bayer and Monsanto have merged, it's even more important we preserve a diverse seed supply through grassroots networks of independent farmers and gardeners for future generations. 

4. Watch the latest video in our Dig Deeper series featuring celebrity chef Dan Barber discussing how his menu planning strategy evolved when he discovered which crops Blue Hill Farm needed to grow to produce the best quality wheat.

5. Add your name to our petition calling for a Green New Deal that fixes our broken food system in order to combat climate change. The food and farming sector is the United States' largest overall employer, and a top contributor to climate change. Fortunately, there are solutions — well-demonstrated, effective, and profitable agricultural practices at all scales and in all regions of the country — that can help reduce pollution and repair our environment and climate while revitalizing communities across the country. Support a Green New Deal that reflects the central role that the food and agriculture system play in addressing our climate crisis.


Thanks for all you do to help us fight for a safe and sustainable food system to help make every day Earth Day!

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