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Protecting Our Food, Farms & Environment
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Pacific Northwest
Hawai'i CFS

CFS Calls on Government Agencies, Food Processing Companies, the Agriculture Industry, and Medical and Veterinary Professionals to Protect Consumers, the Economy, and Animals from Mad Cow Disease

February 02, 2004
Center for Food Safety

The above-mentioned groups call on public officials, food processing companies, the agriculture industry, and medical and veterinary professionals to adopt the following measures to ensure that mad cow-like diseases pose no threat to our health, to our economy and to the welfare of animals:

  1. Test all cattle over 20 months of age for mad cow disease

  2. Stop the feeding of blood, slaughterhouse waste, manure, road kill and other mammalian byproducts to food animals

  3. Keep all "downer" animals, not just cattle, out of the food and feed supply and require their humane euthanasia

  4. Require identification and tracking of animals

  5. Implement country of origin labeling of meat

  6. Give the USDA the authority to recall contaminated meat and disclose the names of companies that handle recalled items

  7. Require reporting and investigation of all cases of brain-wasting disease in people to see if they are caused by mad cow, mad deer or other similar animal diseases