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Pesticides in Paradise: Human Health at Risk Infographic

January 1st, 2017

Did you know The American Academy of Pediatrics links fetal exposure to pesticides in utero and exposure in early life to neurobehavioral disorders like ADHD and autism, childhood cancers, adverse birth outcomes and asthma?

This new infographic – inspired by our report Pesticides in Paradise – breaks down the threats pesticides pose to public health in Hawai‘i, and shares some of the report’s key takeaways.

In Hawai‘i, DuPont-Pioneer sprays pesticides up to 16 times a day, on 2/3 of the days each year, on fields that are often near schools or hospitals.  And they do not notify the public of what they spray, or when and where they spray it.

Even though state and federal medical scientists have found that pesticide drift frequently affects schoolchildren, and recommend no-spray buffer zones around schools to protect vulnerable children from pesticide exposure, Hawai‘i still does not regulate the use of pesticides near our schools.

This is a huge problem we’re working to solve. Our keiki deserve the right to a safe environment and healthy future, and they need the strongest possible protections. 

Using this infographic, you can help protect our keiki by educating yourself and raising awareness in your community about the health impacts of pesticide exposure. By sharing this resource with your friends and family, you can help build support for stronger protections from pesticides.

Download the Infographic >>
Visit the Pesticides in Paradise report page for more information >>

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