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Biden Climate Emergency Must Address Industrial Meat Emissions

July 19th, 2022
Center for Food Safety

WASHINGTON—According to multiple media reports today, President Biden is considering declaring a climate emergency, triggering executive actions to help rein in climate-damaging emissions. The news comes after months of congressional inaction and the recent Supreme Court ruling restricting the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) regulatory actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  

Following is a statement from Amy van Saun, senior attorney at Center for Food Safety: 

"With climate action blocked by Congress and the SCOTUS EPA ruling, it's urgently necessary for President Biden to act boldly and declare a climate emergency. People are dying, crops are failing, and the costs of climate upheaval are skyrocketing. Through executive action we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, help prevent harm, and save lives. This must include long-delayed action to rein in heavily polluting factory farms and industrial meat and dairy, which generate major climate-destroying emissions, and pollute and consume unsustainable amounts of precious water across America."

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