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This Mother's Day, Celebrate Your Mother and Mother Earth with Pollinator-Friendly Plants

By Cashen Conroy

May 12, 2017
Center for Food Safety

Every May, adults and children alike are tasked with a daunting mission—to somehow thank our mothers for everything they’ve done for us over the years. Classic Mother’s Day traditions include a sentimental card, breakfast in bed, and of course, flowers. This Mother’s Day, take the opportunity to celebrate not only your mother, but also the mother we all share – Mother Earth – by purchasing and/or planting pollinator-friendly flowers.

Mother's Day comes at a great time of year for planting in much of the country. We strongly encourage planting native flower species, which are already adapted to the soil and climate of the area, and provide a perfect habitat for local pollinators. If purchasing plants from a nursery store, make sure to check that they haven’t been treated with bee-toxic pesticides. More on that here. After planting the flowers, do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers on them.

Here are some helpful suggestions for pollinator-friendly flowers that are native to your region: 

• Lanceleaf coreopsis
• Wild indigio
• Purple coneflower
• Bottle gentian
• New England aster

Maritime Northwest
• Bigleaf and riverbank lupine
• Common camas
• Douglas meadowfoam
• Meadow checkermallow
• Slender clarkia
• Large flowered collomia

Great Lakes
• Lanceleaf coreopsis
• Wild lupine
• Purple coneflower
• Bottle gentian
• Calico aster
• Great blue lobelia

• Baby blue eyes
• Common tidytips
• California poppy
• Elegant clarkia
• Common sunflower
• California fuschia

• Cream wild indigo
• Wild geranium
• Smooth penstemon
• Wingstem
• Bottle gentian
• Calico aster

• Wild geranium
• Spiderwort
• Wild golden glow
• New England aster
• Cardinal flower

• White wild indigo
• Clasping coneflower
• Eastern smooth penstemon
• Lanceleaf coreopsis
• Black-eyed susan
• Eastern rosemallow

Southern Plains
• Cream wild indigo
• Prairie penstemon
• Scarlet globemallow
• Blanketflower
• Purple poppy mallow

Happy Mother’s Day, and happy planting from all of us at CFS! 


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