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April 18th, 2016
Solving the Climate Crisis
Originally published on Huffington Post , 4/14/16 The climate crisis is unfolding far more rapidly than scientists predicted.
April 13th, 2016
Unlike Competitors, Orville Redenbacher’s is Still Bad for Bees
Apparently, Orville Redenbacher’s doesn’t care about bees. The biggest name in popcorn won’t commit to helping us keep these critical pollinators healthy.
April 8th, 2016
Raising the Bar on Organic Animal Welfare
Food animals deserve high welfare standards, and the USDA is proposing to enact them When most people hear the term ‘organic’ in the context of food, they immediately think high quality, ethically produced, environmentally be.
March 30th, 2016
Monarchs Are Not on the Road to Recovery
Endangered Species Act protection essential to monarchs’ survival Much as we’d like to believe this year’s upswing in monarch population numbers is the start of a recovery, it’s most likely a passing fl.
March 15th, 2016
Memo on the Discriminatory Nature of QR Codes and the DARK Act
QR codes are inherently discriminatory to the poor, the elderly, the rural and minorities.
March 14th, 2016
Debunking Senator Klobuchar’s Myths About GE Food Labeling
MYTH: Genetically engineered (GE) foods should be labeled only if they are shown to be unsafe. FACT: We do not label unsafe food; we take it off the market.
March 14th, 2016
Gallery: 3/9 Organic Salon in Venice, CA
On March 9th, we were truly honored to be able to sit in a room with other curious minds and hearts eager to explore the meaning of our national organic standards and how we can live in greater harmony with the planet.
March 10th, 2016
Calling on USDA to #LetScientistsSpeak
Today, Center for Food Safety and allied organizations delivered signatures from more than 140,000 people calling on the U.S.
March 8th, 2016
17 Reasons to Celebrate Women in Agriculture
Have you thanked a female farmer lately? If not, you should! Women have been a driving force in agriculture for thousands of years. However, especially in developing countries, women’s role in agriculture has been severely overlooked.
March 7th, 2016
Monsanto Is Suing California for Trying to Inform People That Roundup Causes Cancer
This article was originally plublished in Alternet on March 2, 2016. Once again, Monsanto is trying to take away our right to know, this time about carcinogenic chemicals used in household products and places all around us.
March 3rd, 2016
Fighting to Protect Monarchs on World Wildlife Day
Today is World Wildlife Day – a perfect time to celebrate the incredible diversity of plants and animals around us. Here at CFS, we’re celebrating one of our favorite species – the charismatic monarch butterfly.
February 26th, 2016
And the Award for Most Bee-Friendly Popcorn Goes to…
This Sunday marks the 88th Academy Awards show, and what better way to watch the Oscars than with a bowl of popcorn in the comfort of your own home? Movies and popcorn go together like birthdays and cake.
February 25th, 2016
Industrial Aquaculture: It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again, but this Time We Can Choose a Different Path
The tragedy of industrial agriculture , the unwise adoption of inherently unsustainable forms of food production over the past generation, has cost us dearly in environmental destruction and public health.
February 24th, 2016
DARK Act Strikes Back: 7 Things Everyone Should Know
Over 90% of the American public wants the labeling of genetically engineered foods. But some representatives in Congress have decided to protect the bottom line of corporations such as Monsanto and ignore the will of the people.