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Tell EPA to Protect Kids from Toxic Pesticides: Ban Chlorpyrifos

President Trump's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reneged on a proposed ban on a pesticide that's known to harm kids’ development, and chose instead to protect the profits of Dow Chemical, the maker of the pesticide. We now have 60 days to convince the EPA to ban this dangerous pesticide and protect our kids.

Center for Food Safety

Tell FDA: Regulate all genetically engineered plants and animals now!

FDA has a public comment period open right now about how it should regulate new types of genetically engineered animals and plants. Tell the FDA that all plants and animals modified with genetic engineering must be regulated and evaluated as such, not given a free pass!

Center for Food Safety

Stop the So-Called Regulatory Accountability Act!

Vital protections are seriously endangered by a new bill in Congress — The Regulatory Accountability Act. This bill threatens existing and new laws that ensure safe food, regulate pesticides, and even protect children from toxic toys.

Center for Food Safety

Tell USDA to Reject GE Eucalyptus

Tree biotechnology company ArborGen is requesting an unprecedented USDA approval: a genetically engineered (GE) “freeze tolerant” eucalyptus. If approved, this will be the first-ever GE forest tree to be commercially grown in the U.S. The time is now critical: Help prevent these Frankentrees from taking over our forests. Tell USDA to reject these GE trees!

Center for Food Safety

Tell Trump to Regulate GMOs, Not Give Monsanto a Free Pass

The Trump administration is accepting public comments right now on how GMOs should be regulated. Tell USDA to fix this broken system!

Center for Food Safety

BREAKING: Trump pushes GMOs in Executive Order

President Trump has just signed a new Executive Order on agriculture, and while the details are slim, what is there doesn't look good.

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