Join the BEE Protective Campaign

Center for Food Safety and Beyond Pesticides have joined forces to launch the BEE Protective Campaign, aimed at protecting honey bees and other pollinators from pesticides. The BEE Protective Campaign gives you the tools to help honey bees and other pollinators right in your own community. Here’s what you can do to take action:

Get the Facts

Go Pollinator Friendly

  • Make your backyard or garden a safe place for bees and pollinators by choosing pollinator-friendly flowers to support healthy hives.

  • Follow bee-friendly alternatives to manage pests and ensure that your landscape is healthy for pollinators. Visit Beyond Pesticide’s website and learn about managing various landscapes with pollinators in mind, including home gardens, roadsides, grasslands, forestland and agriculture.

Get your community involved

  • Want to make your town pollinator friendly? Use our model resolution to transform your city parks and raise awareness about this important issue!
  • Bring BEE Protective to your campus! College campuses can make great pollinator habitats.  Use our model resolution to declare your campus pollinator friendly and join a movement of students across the country!

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