Guide to Avoiding GE Fish
March 03, 2014

Genetically engineered (GE) salmon may soon be heading to market, and FDA has stated that if it approves GE salmon it will likely not require the fish to be labeled, leaving consumers in the dark. We have launched a national campaign to keep GE salmon out of our supermarkets and off our plates. We’ve contacted the nation’s biggest grocery stores, seafood companies, and seafood restaurants asking them to commit not to sell genetically engineered salmon should it come to market. Dozens have committed to avoid GE salmon, but there are many more to go!

See where your favorites stand and sign the petition to food companies and retailers: 

NOTE: The companies named in this Guide have communicated their policies to not source or sell genetically engineered seafood in at least one of the following ways: by signing and returning the Pledge for GE-Free Seafood; direct email, mail, or fax communication with CFS or Friends of the Earth; public statements or corporate policies; or survey responses to Greenpeace’s annual Carting Away the Oceans report.