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Dow Chemical's "Mad Men"

Dow Chemical's "Mad Men"

While the “Mad Men” in this video aren’t real, Dow Chemical's genetically engineered "Agent Orange" crops unfortunately are --> Learn more and take action at

Have you heard of super weeds? Big industrial farms have been using so much of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide on Roundup Ready genetically engineered crops, the weeds have evolved resistance. They spray the herbicide on the plant in hopes that it will kill everything other than the genetically engineered corn or soybeans. But when the weeds survive, industrial farms turn to older, more toxic chemicals like 2,4-D to kill them.

While “superweeds” are a real problem for America’s farmers, they apparently aren't a problem for Dow Chemical. In fact, Dow welcomed it in glowing terms as “a new era” and “a very significant opportunity” for chemical companies like Dow Chemical.

A significant opportunity?  Dow Chemical wants to put even more toxic 2,4-D on our food crops and we’re just supposed to eat it? What on Earth were they thinking? We started to wonder what that conversation must have been like for Dow Chemical to determine how to market a toxic product, and we think it may have gone something like this.

What is 2,4-D?  It is half of the highly toxic chemical mixture called Agent Orange that the military used as a defoliant during the Vietnam War. 2,4-D has been linked to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, lowered sperm counts, liver disease, and Parkinson’s disease. Studies have also demonstrated the chemical’s adverse effects on hormonal, reproductive, neurological, and immune systems. To make matters worse, 2,4-D is the 7th largest source of dioxins in the U.S.

Dow Chemical insists that the use of 2,4-D is safe. But they also assured the public that an insecticide called Dursban was safe…until the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) fined Dow Chemical $800,000 for illegally withholding over 250 reports of poisonings, including many that occurred even when the product was used correctly. And they expect us to trust their word on the safety of 2,4-D?

Dow Chemical is asking the USDA for permission to sell these “Agent Orange” Crops, unlabeled, to the public. Learn more and tell USDA NO on "Agent Orange" crops -->