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GEAN Local Organizing Toolkit

February 01, 2017
GEAN Local Organizing Toolkit

Download the Toolkit

The Genetic Engineering Action Network (GEAN) was a network of almost 100 organizations from across the US working to resist genetic engineering in agriculture in the early 2000s.

GEAN's affiliate groups ranged from large national non-profits, including the Center for Food Safety and Friends of the Earth, to state and regional groups like Californians for GE-Free Agriculture and GMO-Free Hawaii, to small grassroots groups, like Colorado GEAN and GE-Free Maine. GEAN's affiliates continue to work on a wide variety of issues including passing town- and county-level restrictions on GMOs, stopping the introduction of new genetically engineered crops, and advocating for tighter national and international standards on GMOs.

The Local Organizing Toolkit is a compilation of materials that can help individuals develop local groups; help established grassroots groups take on winnable, strategic campaigns; and bring together materials that will support the local efforts in communities throughout the United States.

We are grateful to GEAN for sharing this toolkit with CFS.

Download the Toolkit