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Statement on District Court Ruling in CFS's Lawsuit Challenging FDA's 'Generally Recognized as Safe' Rule

October 01, 2021
Center for Food Safety

NEW YORK—In a blow to food safety advocates and public health, today a federal judge in the Southern District of New York sided with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ruling that the agency's controversial "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS) rule does not violate the law. The GRAS rule permits food manufacturers to add thousands of new chemical substances to food without disclosing those substances to FDA or the public. This includes substances that were never before approved by the FDA as safe. 

In 2017, Center for Food Safety (CFS) and Environmental Defense Fund filed suit challenging the final GRAS rule, co-represented by CFS and Earthjustice. 

Statement from George Kimbrell, legal director for Center for Food Safety: 

"We are extremely disappointed by the court's ruling that will continue to allow FDA to flout its regulatory duties and outsource the job to self-interested food corporations driven by their bottom line rather than the public interest. We are carefully reviewing the decision and considering all legal options, including appeal." 

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