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Statement on EPA's Dicamba Cancellation Order

June 08, 2020
Center for Food Safety

Statement on EPA's Dicamba Cancellation Order, from Center for Food Safety and Center for Biological Diversity, counsel for Petitioners in National Family Farm Coalition v EPA & Monsanto:

Today's disingenuous order from EPA flies in the face of the Court decision holding dicamba-based pesticides unlawful. It ignores the well-documented and overwhelming evidence of substantial drift harm to farmers from another disastrous spraying season. It ignores the risks to hundreds of endangered species. It ignores the comprehensive analysis by the Court of these harms. It raises the same arguments in favor of continued use that the Court has already rejected. The Trump administration is again showing it has no regard for the rule of law. All users that continue to not seek alternatives should be on notice that they are using a harmful, defective, and unlawful product.

We will bring the EPA's failure to abide by the Court's order to the Court as expeditiously as possible.

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