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A Miracle For Bees

April 12, 2016
Center for Food Safety

Scott’s Miracle-Gro to remove bee-killing chemicals from Ortho-brand products.

WASHINGTON—Major lawn and garden care product manufacturer Scott’s Miracle-Gro today announced that it would remove chemicals known to cause harm to bees from its Ortho brand line of outdoor pest-control products. The company says that it will immediately begin the transition away from using neonicotinoids in its pesticides. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that neonicotinoids, commonly known as “neonics,” have significant impacts on the health and survival of bees and other important pollinators. Miracle-Gro’s announcement comes just days after the state of Maryland passed a bill to ban the use of neonics in the state.

The following is a statement from Larissa Walker, Center for Food Safety’s pollinator program director:

“This is a much needed win for bees and other pollinators. Research continues to point to neonics as a prime culprit in bee population losses and poor colony health. We are glad to see that Ortho is moving away from using these bee-toxic chemicals, and we hope that other garden and nursery companies will follow suit.”

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