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Pacific Northwest
Hawai'i CFS

Legal Actions

August 19th, 2019
| Food Safety
CFS and CEH's Complaint Against HHS and FDA's FSMA Non-Compliance
August 20th, 2019
| Pollinator Protection
| Pesticides
CFS and CBD Petition the EPA to Review Sulfoxaflor
July 2nd, 2019
| Pesticides
CFS and Allies Sue the EPA and Monsanto Over Dicamba Reapproval
July 2nd, 2019
CFS Sues Trump Administration for Unlawfully Keeping Secret the Reasons for Gutting the School Lunch Nutrition Program DUPLICATE
July 1st, 2019
CFS and Allies Sue EPA for Overstepping Its Authority in Exempting Factory Farms from Pollution-Reporting Requirements
June 5th, 2019
CFS and Allies' Notice of Intent to Sue NOAA Over Industrial Ocean Fish Farm Funding
May 23rd, 2019
CFS and Allies sue the Yakima Valley Dairy for Endangering Public Health
April 25th, 2019
CFS's Brief Asking the Court to Set Aside FDA's GE Animal Guidance and its GE Salmon Approval
April 22nd, 2019
CFS and Allies File a Lawsuit Challenging Iowa's Second Unconstitutional Ag-Gag Law
February 5th, 2019
CFS and Allies Defend Washington's Decision to Keep Neurotoxins Out of Willapa Bay, Grays Harbor
March 5th, 2019
CFS and Allies' Notice of Intent to Sue Sunnyside Dairy for Endangering Public Health
February 11th, 2019
CFS and Allies' Notice of Intent to Sue Yakima Valley Dairy Factories for Endangering Public Health
January 8th, 2019
Big Island Dairy Final Settlement
December 4th, 2018
CFS and Allies Challenge Constitutionality of Kansas Ag-Gag Law
October 15th, 2018
| Food Safety
CFS Sues FDA Over Failure to Address Foodborne Illness Outbreaks as Required by FSMA
August 8th, 2018
| Pesticides
Center for Food Safety and Center for Biological Diversity's Notice of Intent to Sue the DOI and USFWS for Withdrawing the Prohibition on the Use of Neonicotinoid Pesticides and GE Crops on National Wildlife Refuges