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Pacific Northwest
Hawai'i CFS

Legal Actions

October 30th, 2020
| Pesticides
Lawsuit Challenging EPA's Reapproval of Atrazine, Propazine, and Simazine
October 23rd, 2020
| Pesticides
Petition to EPA to Review the New Fungicide Inpyrfluxam
September 16th, 2020
Summary Judgment Brief in CFS's Litigation Challenging USDA's Decision to Allow Organic Certification of Hydroponics
September 15th, 2020
| Pesticides
Enlist Duo: Rehearing Petition
August 19th, 2020
CFS Sues FDA/Impossible Foods Over Approval of GE Soy Leghemoglobin As Color Additive (in the Impossible Burger)
August 3rd, 2020
Victory! Appeals Court Affirms Decision to Prohibit Offshore Aquaculture in Gulf of Mexico (No. 19-30006 Gulf Fishermens Association, et al v. National Marine Fisheries Svc, et al "Published Opinion" (2:16-CV-1271))
July 29th, 2020
CFS and Allies Sue the Trump Administration Over NEPA Rollback
July 27th, 2020
CFS Sues USDA Over Weak GMO ("Bioengineered Foods") Labeling Law
June 18th, 2020
| Pesticides
Dicamba: Emergency Motion Reply (Petitioners' Combined Reply in Support of Emergency Motion to Enforce the Court's Vacatur of Dicamba and to Hold EPA in Contempt)
June 12th, 2020
GE Mosquitoes: Notice of Intent to Sue for Violations of the Endangered Species Act Regarding the Environmental Protection Agency's May 1, 2020 Agency Action Approving the Experimental Use Permit (EUP) for the OX5034 Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes Expressing Tetracycline Trans-Activator Variant (tTAV-OX5034) Protein in Florida and Texas
June 11th, 2020
| Pesticides
Dicamba: Petitioners' Emergency Motion to Enforce the Court's Vacatur and to Hold EPA in Contempt
June 3rd, 2020
| Pesticides
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion on Dicamba
May 4th, 2020
CFS and Food Chain Workers Alliance Urge OSHA to Protect Meatpackers During COVID-19
May 4th, 2020
GE Salmon: Final Brief on the Merits in the GE Salmon Case
April 9th, 2020
| Animal Factories
CFS and Allies Sue Majestic Dairy Over Drinking Water Contamination
April 6th, 2020
| Animal Factories
CFS and Food and Water Watch Sue USDA Over New Swine Inspection System (NSIS)