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2018: What's on Your Activist Wish List?

January 3rd, 2018
Center for Food Safety

We’ll be honest: 2017 was a challenging year. The Trump Administration has been unrelenting in its attacks on food safety, environmental protections, climate justice, women and immigrant rights, and so many other values we hold dear. But, together, we fought back. We marched; we litigated; we organized. We are making change. And we feel the promise of 2018. As we make our New Year’s wish lists, we ask you: what’s on your activist wish list for the coming year? 

Here at Center for Food Safety (CFS) our wish list for 2018 includes:

· Protecting our children and families from toxic pesticides
· Saving threatened bees and butterflies
· Securing on-package labeling of GMO foods
· Stopping the horrific animal cruelty and environmental destruction caused by factory farms
· Protecting salmon and our oceans from genetic engineering and industrial aquaculture
· Protecting the integrity of the organic standards
· Ending the monopoly by Monsanto and other companies on the world’s seed supply and creating a “people’s seed movement”
· Stopping the Trump Administration from reversing the hard fought progress we have made together in building an organic, sustainable, humane, and socially just food system

It’s no small list, but with our expertise and experience, we’re confident in our ability to achieve our ambitions. When our team at Center for Food Safety (CFS) litigates, we litigate to win, and we continue to be the legal leaders in the food movement protecting you, your family, and our environment. In 2017, CFS and the food movement had several major successes which moved many of these wishes closer to coming true. But, there is much more to be done and we are working on many fronts in the coming year designed to move us even further towards realizing our collective aspirations. These include several major lawsuits we are currently fighting in federal court in order to:

· Protect farmers, public health, and the environment from GMO crops designed to tolerate massive doses of Monsanto’s dicamba herbicide and Dow’s Agent Orange toxic pesticides;
· Eliminate any and all use of bee-killing “neonic” pesticides;
· Halt the sale and distribution of genetically engineered (GE) salmon, which threatens the survival of native salmon species;
· Protect wild fisheries and oceans from the pollution and diseases caused by industrial aquaculture;
· Safeguard organic foods and protect the national organic standards;
· Keep drugs and harmful chemicals out of food animal production and off our plates;
· Plus many more policy, legal, and grassroots actions that address climate change, guarantee on-package labeling of GMO foods, protect our soils and water, stop animal factories, halt the use of toxic food additives, and defend our farmers and communities. 

We know that in the coming year there will be more attempts by the Administration to gut laws protecting our health and our environment. But we promise, any time the Administration’s agencies attempt to pass regulations that undermine organic standards, compromise food safety, undo food labeling, reduce restrictions on pesticides, or roll back advancements to address climate change, our top team of scientists and lawyers will be there.

Our message to the Trump Administration is clear: We’re watching, and every time you cross the line, we’ll see you to court. We’ll prove your “alternative facts” are bogus. And we will win.   

As we begin 2018 together, and face the new challenges ahead, please join us in this historic fight. Together, victory by victory, at the federal, state, and county levels, we will create and defend a food future that empowers people and protects the planet.  

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