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Center for Food Safety
Center for Food Safety

One in every three bites of food we eat depends on pollination services from bees and other animals, and about 90% of all flowering plants require pollinators to reproduce. Bees are an indicator species, meaning that their vibrancy on earth reflects environmental conditions and aids in gauging the health of ecosystems. If bees populations are declining, it’s signaling larger issues with the broader environment.

Maintaining healthy populations of pollinators is essential for the future of the world’s agricultural markets and for ensuring diversity in our global food supply. Yet, in recent years, honey bee colonies have been collapsing at record high numbers, and other pollinator populations are also experiencing alarming losses.

Download our fact sheet to learn more about Hawai’i's pollinators and what you can do to protect them!

And check out our guide to Native and Pollinator Friendly Plants to Choose for Hawai‘i

Are you an Educator?

HCFS customized a “Pollinators and the School Garden Toolkit” to help raise awareness about the importance of pollinators and increase student interest in protecting HawaiÊ»i’s unique pollinator species and their habitats. The toolkit has tons of fun, educational activities and lesson plans for students between 1st to 5th grade. Developed with the help of teachers and garden coordinators, the materials perfectly supplement elementary science curriculum focused on pollination, biodiversity, and food lifecycles. The toolkit provides students opportunities to be citizen scientists and to build connections between the classroom, the garden, and the lunchroom. With an expanding number of worksheets, games, and hands-on activities, it is the perfect addition to your curriculum!

Download the free toolkit here and let us know what you think!


Join the Hawai‘i Pollinators Network!

As we develop and launch a local campaign to help Hawai‘i pollinators we need passionate farmers, gardeners, beekeepers, educators, and advocates to join the conversation. Together we can educate, inspire, and help pollinators thrive.

We are a network of beekeepers, teachers, scientists, students and pollinator enthusiasts concerned about pollinator health across the Hawaiian Islands. Join us to stay up to date on research, policy, and community efforts to protect pollinators. It's free to join and your personal information will not be disclosed.

Sign up here!

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