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Protecting Our Food, Farms & Environment
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About Hawai'i Center for Food Safety

Center for Food Safety
Center for Food Safety
Center for Food Safety

Hawai‘i is home to untold biodiversity and some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth. It is also ground zero for experimentation with genetically engineered (GE) crops designed to resist ever more deadly synthetic chemicals. With GE crops and their accompanying pesticides, the land beloved by residents and visitors alike is slowly being poisoned by a handful of chemical corporations.

Through legal, policy, research, education and community organizing initiatives, the CFS Hawaii Program works to protect human health and the environment from the harmful impacts of industrial agriculture on the Islands, and promote a vibrant local food system by supporting sustainable farming, soil restoration and seed saving projects. As a partner of Hawai‘i-based organizations for over a decade, CFS has leveraged our national resources to support the growing movement of community members fighting for a safe and biodiverse food system.

Since 2004, CFS has worked with a coalition of grassroots groups, farmers, and environmental and community advocates to educate the public about public health and environmental risks of industrial agriculture. We continue to work closely with national, state and local partners to foster progress on these issues. Our legal, policy and scientific expertise, combined with our strong partnerships with local grassroots organizations and leaders positions CFS as a leader in the movement to advance the vision of a vibrant, safe and healthy future for Hawaii’s food system and people.


Read About Our Work in Our 2016 Annual Program Report

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