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In November 2015, FDA approved the AquAdvantage® Salmon--the first GE animal intended for human consumption—produced by AquaBounty Technologies. The same company claims that it is also developing genetically engineered tilapia and trout for commercial approval, while others are developing other genetically engineered catfish and salmon. While corporations continue to engineer fish and push for their commercial use, scientific evidence mounts regarding the extraordinary environmental danger these fish pose. Additionally, the human health impacts of eating GE fish are entirely unknown. To make matters worse, FDA argues that these GE fish don’t even need to be labeled!

Look for wild rather than farmed fish to avoid this GE salmon and farmed fish raied on GE feed. You can also check out our Guide to Avoiding GE Salmon to see where supermarkets, Seafood companies and restaurants stand on the issue. Canned tuna may be packed in GE oils; to be safe, buy canned fish packed in water or olive oil.

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