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August 2nd, 2021
Government Deregulation of Biotechnology Signals a New Era of Corporate Politics. Why We Are Fighting for Oversight of GMOs

Last week, Center for Food Safety (CFS) filed a groundbreaking new lawsuit that seeks to revoke the industry-friendly genetically engineered (GE) organism regulations issued by the Trump administration in 2020…

February 16th, 2018
Farmers and Environmentalists Sue Trump's EPA Over Approval of Monsanto's Disastrous Dicamba Pesticide

Originally published on Alternet.

With the help of the federal government, Monsanto is set to make things worse.

Last year's farm season was the first year Monsanto’s newly approved XtendiMax pesticide was use…

June 23rd, 2017
"Food Evolution" Film: Propaganda and Pandering
By Andrew Kimbrell, CFS Executive Director

I’ve written about pro-GMO propaganda before – about the “Big Lie.” It’s a term that refers to a propaganda or advertising technique by which first you say the opposite of an obvious truth about an event or product, and then keep repeating and repeating that lie until …

May 23rd, 2016
National Academy of Sciences Finds Genetically Engineered Crops Not the Solution to World Hunger
By Bill Freese, Science Policy Analyst and Doug Gurian-Sherman, Director of Sustainable Agriculture and Senior Scientist

New Report Downplays Harms of Herbicide-Resistant GE Crops

A new report released this week by The National Academy of Science (NAS) – Genetically Engineered Crops: Experiences and Prospects – provides some useful perspectives on the contentious debate surrounding gen…

March 7th, 2016
Monsanto Is Suing California for Trying to Inform People That Roundup Causes Cancer
By Rebecca Spector

This article was originally plublished in Alternet on March 2, 2016.

Once again, Monsanto is trying to take away our right to know, this time about carcinogenic chemicals used in household products and places all around us…

October 6th, 2015
Top 5 Reasons Eaters should be Worried about Obama's New Trade Deal

Update: The full text of the TPP has just been released. CFS and our allies are examining the text closely and will share our analysis shortly…

May 11th, 2015
They Are Biocides, Not Pesticides -- And They Are Creating an Ecocide
By Andrew Kimbrell, Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Food Safety

This article was originally published on The Huffington Post, May 4, 2015.

"A single corn kernel coated with a neonicotinoid can kill a song bird." As a long time environmental lawyer and campaigner, I should not have been stunned by that fact but I was…

March 20th, 2015
GMO Science Deniers: Monsanto and the USDA
By Andrew Kimbrell, Executive Director, Center for Food Safety

Originally published on the Huffington Post, March 20, 2015

Perhaps no group of science deniers has been more ridiculed than those who deny the science of evolution…

October 15th, 2014
Plant Breeding vs. GMOs: Conventional Methods Lead the Way in Responding to Climate Change
By Doug Gurian Sherman, Ph.D, Senior Scientist at Center for Food Safety

This blog was originally published on Civil Eats.

Genetically engineered (GE) seeds are often sold to farmers and the public on the grounds that they are the wave of the future, taking over where conventional plant breeding left …

June 18th, 2014
No Room For Error: A Common Sense Approach to "Synthetic Biology"
By Jaydee Hanson, Senior Policy Analyst

Last week, Grist published a piece by Nathaniel Johnson about an emerging commercial practice called 'synthetic biology' or 'extreme genetic engineering.' Rather than taking genes from one life form and inserting them into another as in traditional genetic engineering, synthetic b…

May 20th, 2013
God Did Not Write the Farm Bill
By Elizabeth Kucinich, Policy Director

Originally posted on the Huffington Post 5/19/13

One of the most memorable ads from the last Super Bowl featured the poem by radio broadcaster Paul Harvey called "So God Made a Farmer." I…

May 12th, 2013
Mothers of Pure Food, Rebirthing a Movement
By Elizabeth Kucinich, Policy Director

In celebration of Mother’s Day, our new Policy Director, Elizabeth Kucinich, has written about her grandmothers and the role of women in the birth of the food movement more than 100 years ago, a movement we continue to build today.

This blog orig…

January 29th, 2011
Fighting a Common Enemy on the GMO Battlefield
By Andrew Kimbrell, Executive Director

Yesterday’s announcement by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) that it will once again allow unlimited, nation-wide commercial planting of Monsanto’s genetically-engineered (GE) Roundup Ready alfalfa, despite the LEARN MORE