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Additional Resources

Kimbrell, G. and Tomaselli, P. (2011). A “Fisheye” Lens on the Technological Dilemma: The Specter of Genetically Engineered Animals. Animal Law, 18(75).

October 11, 2012
New CFS chart shows large numbers of farmed fish escapes, despite industry assurances that escapes are minimal
View Chart: Reported escapes from fish farms 1990-2012

Genetically Engineered Fish and Seafood: Environmental Concerns Congressional Research Service Report addressed to Congress on genetically engineered fish and seafood citing environmental concerns.

Agricultural Biotechnology: Background and Recent Issues Congressional Research Service Report addressed to Congress on emerging policy concerns (see page 36 for transgenic salmon).

Letter to FDA from FWS and NMFS. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service Submit Letter to Food and Drug Administration in regard to Endangered Species Act.

The Williamsburg Resolution: The North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization (NASCO) considers transgenic salmon a “high-risk activity” threatening wild salmon stocks and issues guidelines for action.

Precautionary Approach Agreement Adopted by NASCO in reference to the introduction of transgenic salmon.

FDA Documents on AquAdvantage® Salmon A collection of FDA’s documents regarding the approval status of AquAdvantage® Salmon.