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Gallery: 3/9 Organic Salon in Venice, CA

March 14th, 2016
Center for Food Safety

On March 9th, we were truly honored to be able to sit in a room with other curious minds and hearts eager to explore the meaning of our national organic standards and how we can live in greater harmony with the planet. Big thanks to our speakers Renee Gunter (Daily Organics), Vani Hari (Food Babe), Max Goldberg (Living Maxwell), Sophie Uliano (Gorgeously Green), Rebecca Spector (Center For Food Safety) and surprise guest, Vermont organic farmer Will Allen. Also, we could not have done this without our sponsors/partners Full Circle Venice, Suja Juice, Ora, High Mowing Seeds, Frey Wines, Nutiva, Thrive Market, Muir Ranch, Little Pine, Au Fudge, Cafe Gratitude and Seasonal Organic Local Catering Coop. Go organic!



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