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Recess of Resistance: Town Hall Toolkit & Trump Watch

February 21st, 2017
Center for Food Safety

This week is the first congressional recess of Donald Trump’s presidency, and for many, it will be the first opportunity to speak directly with your members of Congress. During the recess, members of Congress will be working in their home districts, and many of them are holding town hall meetings, events, and open office hours.

Center for Food Safety strongly believes in active participation at all levels of government because we the people are who they serve. These town hall meetings are especially valuable in our current political climate, as many people have had a hard time getting through to their representatives’ offices – phone lines have often been busy and voice mail boxes full. We encourage you to take the opportunity to interact with your elected official, voice your very valuable concerns, and get answers to your questions. 

We know it can sometimes be intimidating to attend these meetings, let alone speak up and ask a question, so to make it easier for you we have created a simple toolkit to help you look up your representatives, find a town hall meeting near you, and target your questions on issue areas that are of importance to you.

Get Your Town Hall Guide

Public pressure works! Just a few days ago, Andy Puzder, fast food titan and Trump's pick for Labor Secretary, withdrew his nomination under growing pressure from constituents.

Now more than ever it is imperative to be engaged and informed on the various issues facing our food system and the environment. That’s why CFS has also just launched a new “Trump Watch” page to help watchdog the administration’s actions on food, agriculture, and the environment. This is your hub for all the latest news, actions and blogs on the cabinet members, executive orders, and regulatory policies that affect the food movement. Please check it out and be sure to share it with your friends!

The Town Hall Project is keeping an up-to-date list of town hall meetings and open office hours across the country. Find one near you and get active!

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