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4 Ways To Show The Earth You Care

April 22nd, 2018
We appreciate our planet, its ecosystem, and the food it produces.
Center for Food Safety

We appreciate our planet, its ecosystem, and the food it produces. Here are 4 ways you can celebrate the Earth!

Save the bees by choosing pollinator-friendly plants for your garden to provide bees with ample foraging opportunities. Get our guide on what's best to plant during different seasons to help the bees!

��Eat green! When you strive to eat an eco-friendly diet, it can be tricky to consider the full picture of what's on your plate and how it was produced. Check out CFS's 9 ways to eat green.

Join CFS' Global Seed Network! Sign up to exchange seeds and keep independent farming and gardening alive. With the impending Monsanto-Bayer merger, it's even more important we preserve a diverse seed supply through grassroots networks of independent farmers and gardeners so we can ensure there will be a diverse seed supply for future generations. Join our Global Seed Network!

Start saving seed! If you're new to saving seeds, we've got a resource to help you get started! Download 6 tips for saving seeds.

Thanks for all you do to help us fight for a safe and sustainable food system.��

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