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Pollinator-Friendly Plants to Choose

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Center for Food Safety
Center for Food Safety
Center for Food Safety

Bees and other beneficial pollinators are disappearing at alarming rates. While we may not know the exact cause of the disappearance, we do know that some pesticides are contributing to their decline. But we also know there are simple things we can each do to help combat pollinator loss. By making simple choices such as choosing to plant pollinator-friendly plants to provide bees forage—we can all help address this crisis.

Pollinator-Friendly Flowers
*This is a partial list taken from Beyond Pesticides BEE Protective Habitat Guide

Click on the season to view pollinator-friendly flowers for your yard or garden, or download the PDF.

Spring and Early Summer

American Plum
American Vetch
Blanket Flower
Clasping Coneflower
Daisy Fleabane
Foxglove Bearded Tongue
Golden Currant
Lyrate Rockcress
Ohio Spiderwort
Prairie Rose
Prickly Wild Rose
Red Flowering Currant
Scarlet Gaura
Scarlet Globemallow
Shell-Leaf Penstemon
Skunkbush Sumac
Western Yarrow



Black-Eyed Susan   
Black Samson  
Blue Vervain  
Butterfly Milkweed  
Candle Anemone  
Canadian Milkvetch  
Canada Tick-Trefoil  
Common Evening-Primrose  
Common Milkweed  
False Sunflower  
Grayhead Coneflower  
Great Blue Lobelia  
Hoary Vervain  
Illinois Bundleflower   
Lanceleaf Coreopsis  
Lemon Mint  
Linden Tree  
Pale Purple Coneflower  
Plains Coreopsis  
Prairie Cinquefoil  
Prairie Gentian  
Purple Prairie Clover  
Rattlesnake Master  
Rocky Mountain Bee Plant  
Showy Milkweed  
Sensitive Briar  
Showy Partridge-Pea  
Stiff Goldenrod  
Upright Priarie Coneflower  
Virginia Mountain Mint  
Western Ironweed  
Western Sunflower  
Wholeleaf Rosinweed  
Wild Bergamot

Late Summer and Fall

Aromatic Aster  
Compass Plant
Cudweed Sagewort  
Golden Alexander  
Heath Aster  
Jerusalem Artichoke  
Late Goldenrod  
New England Aster  
Pine Deer Vetch  
Pitcher Sage  
Plains Sunflower  
Roundhead Lespedeza  
Stiff Goldenrod  
Sawtooth Sunflower