Tell Costco To Reject GE Salmon

Kroger and Safeway have just joined other major retailers in rejecting GE salmon, but there are many companies who still haven’t responded. Tell Costco to join its competitors and commit to keeping GE salmon off its shelves!

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Pollinator plan aims high, but falls short. Tell the White House Task Force they can do better.

The White House Pollinator Health Task Force (WHTF) has just released its strategy to address the threats to bees, monarchs and other pollinators.  While the Task Force has developed positive, far reaching goals for honey bees, monarch butterflies and other pollinators, the plan is unfortunately far too weak to actually accomplish those goals.

We think the White House can do better.

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Tell the Senate to Protect Your Right to Know: Oppose the DARK Act

It's back. The bill that would deny voters the right to pass state bills to label genetically engineered foods—and make mandatory labeling at the federal level impossible—has just been reintroduced in Congress, despite hundreds of thousands of emails and phone calls from people like you opposing this corporate power-grab. Tell Congress to stand up for our right to know!

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Tell Food Companies to Reject the GE apple!

Despite public opposition, USDA has just approved Okanagan Specialty Fruit’s genetically engineered (GE), non-browning “Arctic” apple. Unlabeled GE apples could find their way into non-GE fruit slices, juice, baby foods, or apple sauce - products predominantly consumed by children and babies who are at increased risk for any adverse health effects.

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Tell The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to Protect the Threatened Monarch Butterfly

Center for Food Safety and Center for Biological Diversity—joined by Xerces Society and renowned monarch scientist Prof. Lincoln Brower—have just filed a groundbreaking legal action to list the monarch butterfly as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Sign the petition to extend ESA protection to monarchs!

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Tell Congress to Suspend Bee-Toxic Pesticides

In May 2015, the White House released a National Pollinator Strategy, aimed at improving the health and populations of bees and other pollinators. While the strategy proposes several positive, far-reaching goals for honey bees, monarch butterflies, and other pollinators, the plan is unfortunately far too weak in terms of tackling pesticide issues to achieve its goals. Thankfully, Representatives John Conyers (D, MI) and Earl Blumenauer (D, OR) have introduced H.R. 1284, the Save America's Pollinators Act, calling for the suspension of neonicotinoid pesticides that are killing bees. Tell your Representative to support the Saving America's Pollinators Act and protect bees and other pollinators!

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