USDA Stalls Regulations to Improve Organic Poultry Living Conditions: Agency Hides Behind Faulty Economic Impact Assessment
April 24, 2014

In advance of next week’s the NOSB meeting in San Antonio, Texas, CFS urges USDA’s National Organic Program to promulgate strong animal welfare standards, which are crucial to the success of the organic egg and poultry industry and what organic consumer have come to expect from organic.

Center for Food Safety’s (CFS) white paper criticizes the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for stalling poultry animal welfare regulations and hiding behind a faulty economic impact analysis.

CFS’s white paper reveals that the vast majority of egg and poultry operations would not be financially impacted by increased animal welfare standards, making USDA’s failure to implement regulations suspect. Report authors further conclude that by ignoring expectations and ethics inherent in organic purchasing habits, USDA’s inaction could threaten the overall success of the organic brand.