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Tell Trump to Regulate GMOs, Not Give Monsanto a Free Pass

The Trump administration is accepting public comments right now on how GMOs should be regulated. Tell USDA to fix this broken system!
Center for Food Safety

Tell FDA: Regulate all genetically engineered plants and animals now!

Tell the FDA that all plants and animals modified with genetic engineering must be regulated and evaluated as such, not given a free pass.

Twice the Toxicity

CFS, Farmers and Public Interest Groups Sue EPA for Approving Dow’s Deadly Pesticide Combo.
Center for Food Safety

Tell Supermarkets to Reject GE apples!

Intrexon's genetically engineered, non-browning "Arctic" apple will soon be sold in pre-sliced bags in supermarkets, starting with a test market of 10 Midwestern supermarkets as early as February!
Center for Food Safety

Get your free CFS Shoppers Guide to Avoiding GE Foods!

Which supermarket foods are genetically engineered? The CFS True Food Shoppers Guide was designed to help you find and avoid GMO food.

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