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America’s Secret Animal Drug Problem: How lack of transparency is endangering human health and animal welfare

October 14th, 2015

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This comprehensive CFS report surveys the current available safety information on commonly used animal drugs, finding that many urgently demand reexamination by the FDA. These include beta-agonists like ractopamine, steroid hormones, antioxidants, arsenicals, cocciodiostats, and antibiotics.

In its investigation, CFS found that FDA has alarmingly little information regarding the impacts of animal drugs, with few comprehensive, scientific studies investigating the potential impacts of approved drugs on the environment, non-target organisms, and human health. Yet the information that is available is worthy of concern. The report concludes that some drugs on the market today may pose significant threats to humans or animals, ranging from the creation of drug-resistant pathogens that threaten public health, exposure to hormone residues with known impacts on humans and non-target species, and impacts on animals resulting in severe debilitations, to name a few.


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